The Ultimate List: 50+ Ideas for India Republic Day Celebration

Happy Republic Day 2017…

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Republic Day Nail Art Ideas:


Indain republic day nail art

Indian Republic day Nail Art


Republic day Inspired Nail Art..


A tribute to the nation through this beautiful sand art.


Republic Day Colouring Competition – Fun with Colours.

India Tri Color paper rocket

Tricolour (Indian Flag) Rocket Craft For Kids/Toilet Paper Roll Craft.

India Tri Color quilling card

Tricolor Quilled card. (Making)

tri color paper wall hanging

Tri Color Paper Flower Decoration Idea.


The Republic Day parade is composed so many beautiful elements starting with the absolutely synchronized March Past by all of our Armed forces followed by wonderfully decorated tableaux showcasing culture diversity. There arrives whole bunch of school children dancing to melodious songs.. I feel like connected to our rich traditional heritage.

India Tri Color paper flower

Tricolor wall decoration flower.

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