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The Ultimate List: 50+ Ideas for India Republic Day Celebration

Happy Republic Day 2017…

daal rajma India Tri Color flag

A spin off on India flag. make a craft with pulses. (Making)


A Tricolour Dhokla Dhamaka. (Making)

India Tri Color food decoration

Indian Flag Creative Wallpaper By Food.

India Tri Color fruit decoration

Tri-color India flag fruit platters.

India Tri Color Fruit Salad Flag

Tri color Fruit salad.

India Tri Color Ice cream

Partiotic skewers.

rice art of India Tri Color flag

DIY coloured rice thermocol India Flag decoration. (Making)


Tri Colour Pulav / Vegetable Pilaf (Making)


Tri-color & Tri-flavor Cheesecake! (Making)


Tri-color & Tri-flavor Desert.


Make tricolour sandwiches. (Making)


Tri Color Sweets Decoration Idea.

republic day india flag decorated by multi vegetables

Creative republic day Indian flag design.

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