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DIY Clever Projects from OLD DENIM JEANS – Step by step tutorial

Make It and Love It.

Old denim from jeans is a great way to salvage and re-purpose some awesome fabric. Denim, as you know, is super durable, and you can make all kinds of creative things with it. From desk accessories and storage to Coaster and daily accessories to new refashioned items like jacket, those old jeans have some serious potential. Try out a few of these easy to follow step by step tutorials and make some awesome stuff today!

DIY: Make Bags from Recycled Jeans (Video tutorial)


Paint Splattered Jeans, SOURCE (


DIY Cutting Jeans Into shorts


DIY Create an attractive apron from old jeans


Old Jeans Into Phone Holder When you Charge


DIY Old Jeans Bracelet tutorial


DIY Jeans Coaster tutorial


DIY Old Jeans Vest Step by step tutorial


DIY Old Jeans Organizer tutorial


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