DIY: Learn to Make Simple & Multicolor Fringed Quilling Flower (Tutorial)

How to make paper quilling flower designs?

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Quilling flower are used for several purpose, for decoration, jewellery and for many other purposes. How to make fringed flower from quilling, is one of the most searched term in quilling section. Fringed flower are even more beautiful and easy to make than quilling roses.


Things You May Need:

  • Quilling Paper Strips
  • Scissor

Step 1

Take a strip of quilling paper strips and make cut using scissor to the 3/4th of the width of strips as shown in the following image. If you want to make flower with soft touch, try to make cut at closer distance to make narrow fringe.

fringe flower 1

Step 2

  • Take quilling paper tool and insert one end of the strip in the tool.
  • Roll it fast to make the coil and apply quilling glue when you are done.
  • When glue get dried, gentle press the fringes down to give petal kind of appearance.

fringe flower 2



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Learn to Make Multicolor Fringed Quilling Flower

  • To decorate the centre of the flower, take a thin strip of different color.


  • Stick the thin strip with the fringed strip.
  • Now instead of inserting fringed strip in quilling tool, insert the thin strip and roll it.


  • Apply gentle touch to make the petal out of fringes. you flower is now ready.​

fringed quilling flower

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