DIY : Learn to Make Gilded Quilling Earring

Quilling Jewellery

Gilded Earrings are beautiful handmade present idea, as it is not just stylish but also easy to wear. This tutorial will help you to create gilded quilling earring at home.

Supplies that you will need

  • Quilling paper – gold-edged black (1/8 inch standard strips)
  • Quilling tool – slotted or needle
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Tweezers
  • Paper piercing tool or cocktail stick
  • T-pin or ball head pin
  • Jewelry pliers2
  • Jump ringgold, 5 mm (2)
  • Earring Wire – gold (2)


Let’s Start.

First of all, make a ring coil and glue its end.


Now, make a domed tight coil with 2 inch strip.


Press against one side of coil with a T-pin create a dome like shape.

Make 6 marquise coils:
7 inch – make 2
11 inch – make 2
17 inch – make 2

Roll the strip to make marquise coil and allow it to relax.


Slip this loose coil off tool and compress it between thumb and index finger.


Pinch a sharp point at each end. Glue end in place and trim excess paper.


Hold coil at points and gently compress them toward one another all the way to the center.

Assemble components of earring and glue them.

Allow glue to dry overnight.

Your gilded quilling earring is ready now!

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