DIY : Learn To Make Homespun Heart Shaped Wreath for Your Valentine!

Valentine Gift!

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This Valentine’s Day tutorial will show you how you can make a wreath by using homespun materials.

What you’ll need

  • A Craft Heart made of Wicker or cane
  • Brown string or twine-3 yards
  • Strong cardboard


You need to start with cutting the heart shape from the centre of the card board. We have used one from a box which had grey recycled board, you can also use cardstock, printed card or painted wooden heart.

These homespun coronets can be easily found in stores which supply craft material, or you can even buy them online.

We have started by tying the heart into place as illustrated.

Then we have wrapped the string around the heart to give it an interlaced or intertwined look for Valentine’s day.


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