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DIY : Learn To Make Lava Lamps

1. Blue Lava Lamp 

Source: S. L. Smith

2. Voss Lava Lamps 

Source: The 36th Avenue

3. Red Lava Lamp 

Source : Mashable

4. Glass Jar Lava Lamp 

Source: Classic Play

5. Food Coloring Lava Lamp 

Source: Crafted Sparrow

6. Lava Lamp Bags 

Source: Play Learn Grow

7. Purple Lava Lamp 
Source: Bitz & Giggles

8. Glitter Lava Lamp

Source:  Mommy Musings

9. Rainbow Lava Lamp 

Source: Bunnie Claire

10. Bubbly Lava Lamp

Source: Juggling with Kids


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