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Mother’s Day Craft Contest Entries!

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Mother’s Day Handmade Gift : Quilling Flower Card | By Sneha

Material & Tool

  • Quilling strips
  • Quilling needle
  • Glue

Mother’s Day Special Collage | By Sneha

Things and procedure:

  • Make paper flowers with quilling strips  and quilling dolls and arrange them as in figure.
  • All strips used are 5 mm strips.
  • This mother’s day present your mom a bunch of flowers and make her happy.

Handpurse for Mom | By Stephanie Menezes

Materials used

  • Golden colour cord
  • Some wire
  • Needle
  • Thread


  • Cut 56 pieces  half meter long cord.
  • Fold each cord into half and tie ti to the wire by looping the open edges through the closed edges.
  • Starting from any two of the cords, start by looping the cords over one another in the knot fashion of a macrame.
  • At every knot include the cord next to it.
  • Keep doing this until you each the ends of all the cords
  • Using the needle and thread, stich together the ends inwardly of the purse.
  • Now add a bow by using some leftover cord.

Dry Leaf Art | By Rashmi Arora

Material & Procedure

  • First draw the picture of bird, animal or insect (which you want to draw).
  • Collect and dry the leaves of all sizes by wrapping them in newspaper for two days.
  • Cut the leaves into the sizes which you want to paste, else paste it as it is(if it is as per the diagram size).
  • Give outline with black or brown sketch pen.
  • Apply Google eyes if you want, else draw it with sketch pen.
  • Make outline on corners as per your choice (with painting colors or with sketch pen).

Table of 14 By Rashmi Arora

Material & Procedure

  • Using birthday waste balloons.
  • Paste 10 waste  balloons on paper, paste circles of glitter sheet on each balloon for mathematical tables.
  • Write tables with sketch color on glitter sheet.
  • Draw the balloon thread with wool.
  • Draw the remaining picture and decorate it with pencil shaving.

Table of 13 (Using Pencil Shaving) By Rashmi Arora

Material & Procedure

  • Draw the flower first.
  • Paste pencil shaving on it.
  • Write mathematical table on it.

Roman Number Art By Rashmi Arora

Material & Procedure

  • Color the toothpicks as per you choice and let them dry.
  • Now write the Roman counting on paper, then paste the toothpicks accordingly.
  • Decorate the outline of paper with decorative tape.

Wax Art Gift For Mother | By Neola Menezes

Materials Used: 

  • Wax
  • Shape Container
  • Conatiner to melt the wax.
  • Wax Colour
  • Candle Wick
  • Spoon
  • 2 Artificial Leaves
  • Beads
  • Pencil
  • Tray
  • Induction / Stove


  • Melt the wax  on a low flame , keep the wax container over another container filled with 1/4 water and that over the flame .
  • As the wax melts , add the colour
  • Add wick through the hole in the candle shaped container
  • Tie a knot so that the wick is in place
  • Tie the other end of the wick to a pencil such that the pencil lays in the center horizontally on top of the candle shaped container .
  • This is to hold the wick straight in the middle
    the completely melted wax can now be poured into the candle shaped container
  • Wait 5 hours for the wax to settle in ,
  • After the candle has cooled , cut the knotted and the pencil end of the wick
  • Now melt another batch of wax , pour a small portion of the wax  into a small tray and let it cool .
  • The remaining wax which is still melted , take it off the flame and start stirring , as the wax is cooling , the stirring will create a snow like composition .
  • Use this snow like to decorate on top and around the candle and a little from top to bottom on one side in a straight line
  • Now cut 4  circular shapes from the wax that has cooled on the tray ( The wax should only be semi hard , so that it can still be sculpted )
  • Join the 4 circles  in such a way that they form a flower .
  • Let it harden and insert 2 beads in the center of the flower for show,also add 2 leaves at either sides of the flower .
  • Using a little more hot wax, fix the flower onto the bottom of the candle.

Recycled Mother’s Day Flower Vase  | By Neola Menezes

Materials Used:

  1. Ruler
  2. Craft paper
  3. Craft glue
  4. Cardboard

Procedure :

  • Take the A4 sized cardboard colour paper.
  • Fold and cut the colour paper in half lengthwise , we need 6 such pieces.
  • Fold the paper pieces to make it as a fan.Paste these pieces together using craft glue.
  • Paste both the ends together forming a circle .
  • Cut the circular shape out if the cardboard for base.
  • Take a colour paper measuring 14 x 14 cm .
  • Put the base on the paper and mark the outline.
  • Make small cuts on the paper.Now ,apply craft glue.
  • Put the cardboard base at the centre and wrap it.
  • Paste the basket on top of the cupboard.

Mother’s Day Special Flowers with Vase | By Stephania Menezes

Description : Flowers with Vase, A beautiful gift for my mother.

Materials used

  • 6 used glucose bottles
  • 3 injection needles
  • 1 and half ear buds
  • Water
  • Food colouring
  • Glitter
  • Sequins
  • Cotton
  • Nail polish and sketch pen
  • Fevicol

Procedure : For flowers

  1. First cut 3 bottles. The mouth region only needs to be cut 1/4th the size of the bottle. The mouth of the bottle will be used as the flower while the rest is used for the body decoration.
    Make equally spaced slits on the cut edge of the bottle (4 to 8 slits) almost till the mouth of the bottle.
  2. Shape them as petals to get between 4 to 8 petals.
  3. Using your fingers, bend each petal for creating a curved look. Note: bend don’t fold.
  4. Now paint the edges using a marker or nail polish. Paint some lines on each petal to give it a natural look.
  5. Sprinkle some silver colour glitter on each petal.
  6. Using the injection needle pierce the head of the bottle so that the needle sticks out of the base of the flower.
  7. Use some cotton and fill the head space of the bottle.
  8. Colour the cotton on the ear bud.
  9. Place half an ear bud in the Center of the cotton.

Procedure : For body portion

1. Fill one bottle with 3/4 capacity of water and put a few drops of green food coloring. Shake the bottle slightly.

2. Use the leftover cut 3 bottles from above and cut off their bases.

3. Make slits in the middle of this portion all along the circumference.

4. Now fold such that the top and bottom edges meet inwards. This creates a ring formation.

5. Take another 3 bottles and cut of their tops and bottom.

6. Cut slits close together from one edge uptil 3 cm from the other edge.

7. Repeat for the 3 bottles.

8. Take the design formed from the earlier step and put it through the bottle that has been filled with green water to the bottom.

9. Take one of the ring formed and push it through the bottle meeting the earlier one.

10. Repeat step 8 and 9 so that it alternates.

11. Red and yellow coloured sequins have been now stuck to alternate strands of the pointed edges.

12. Now the 3 flowers that have been created in the earlier portion can be pierced onto the main body of the bottle. 2 flowers on the side just below the mouth next to each other and the third on the top of the mouth.

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