Mother’s Day Crafts Ideas To Make At Home

Mother’s Day Craft Contest Entries!

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Mother’s Day Special Happy moments Painting By Ananya Aloke

Mother’s Day Special Divine love Painting By Ananya Aloke

Mother’s Day Speical Mother and child Painting By Manisha Banerji

Mother’s day special painting by Ann Kadantot

Handmade Gift For Mother By Manit Bansal

Material used:

  • Old sweet box
  • Photo
  • Paper sheet
  • Decorating flowers
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • Take an old sweet box and cut it in the shape of a sewing machine
  • Apply glue and paste the paper sheet on the cut out
  • Cut another paper in circle shape and decorate it with flowers. Put no. 1,2,3,4,5 on it so that it can look like the dial of the sewing machine
  • Now cut another paper in the shape of a needle and paste it at proper place
  • Take a photograph of ur mom and paste it under the needle
  • Decorate the sewing machine with flowers and frills made with paper and thread
  • Now take a silk thread role and put it on the top
  • The font is ready
  • Now open the box and put a dress which you can make with paper in it
  • You can also put a small gift in it
  • A beautiful handmade gift for your mom is ready.

Superwoman Mother Puppet | By Hemq Damani


  • Old fanta bottle
  • Gems round box
  • Old jewellery
  • Old dupatta
  • Hand cut outs
  • Glue gun
  • Stick to move head
  • Strings to move hand


  1. Pierce a hole through the cap of bottle and sides of bottle
  2. Make the head of the puppet with the gems round box.
  3. Make hands from old clothes.
  4. Cut out the base of the bottle.
  5. Fix the head on the stick and allow it to pass through the cap.
  6. Wrap the thread on the hands and make them pass through the side holes.
  7. Cut the border of the dupatta and wrap to make neck chest and blouse
  8. Make her wear a ghagra and dupatta
  9. Decorate with Jewellery and paste the hand cutouts with messages written on them.
  10. Now when you push the stick the neck will move and on pulling the strings the hands will move.

Handmade Heart Flower Card By MeeraMaria Dsouza

Materials required

  1. Cardstock or handmade paper for the card
  2. Construction paper/cardstock paper for the hearts.
  3. Scrapbook paper or cardstock paper for the strips
  4. Glue /Fevicol
  5. Scissors

Mother’s Day Special Rangoli By Sandhya Walankikar

Flower For Mother By MeeraMaria Dsouza

Materials for this project are as
1. Colored/ origami paper
2. Wire
3. Scissors
4. Glue
5. Cane basket holder
6. Dried leaves/fillers/weeds
7. Foam
8. Packing material/decorative wrapper
9.Curling ribbon

Mother’s Day Special Newspaper Wall Pocket By Seema Tungare

1. Newspaper
2. Card-paper (roundels)
3. Acrylic Colors (as per your choice)
4. Glue /  Glue Gun
5. Jute thread
6. Any decorative stones


1. Make Newspaper straws, as many as you can
2. Using these straws make 2 circles of 10 inches and 8 inches respectively
3. Make paper coils of 1 inch (23), bangle shaped roundels (25) and also half inch coils (25).
4. Glue the half inch coil inside the bangle shaped roundels and stick these roundels to the outer surface of the 10 inch circle and paste the 1 inch roundels to the inner surface of the circle. Keep gap between 2 coils (refer the image)
5. Glue the 8 inch circle inside the bigger coil in a way where they stick to the 1 inch roundels.
6. For middle of the pocket, flatten the newspaper straws and inter-vine with each other like basket straws.
7. Glue the pocket to the edges of the inner circle.
8. Paint and decorate as per your choice.
9. Tie jute thread to each bangle (refer image).

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