Mother’s Day Crafts Ideas To Make At Home

Mother’s Day Craft Contest Entries!

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Mother’s Day Special Gift Item By Richa Jain

This project highlights “A women’s (love for her Kitchen and how Kitchen is considered as “heart of every home”

Steps to prepare this craft:

Material used: MDF wood base, Gesso, Mod Podge,Glue, Decoupage tissues,Acryclic colours, Mini spoons, fork , embelishments, board etc


1. Applied gesso on canvas, let it dry.
2. Did decoupage work and pasted tissues.
3. Painted remaining part and did brick stenciling, let it dry.
4. Pasted several embellishments and miniatures with the help of mod podge and glue.
5. After completion of this beautiful art work, finishing was done using varnish to give it a glossy and elegant look.

Mother’s Day Specail Painting By Vriti Seth

There is no religion for motherhood. Neither there is any concern with color of skin…..neither with nationality.
Mother is for all

  • Pride
  • Love
  • Support
  • Calm
  • Peace
  • Giving moral values

Happy mothers day to all beautiful Self confident women who is independent in all fields of life.

Mother’s Day Special Painting By Shemi

American Lady Statue Craft – Gift For Mother By Divya Arumugam

Ball Maze – Gift From Mother By Ambika.R.Guzar

Materials required:

  • Rectangular shape cardboard box
  • Tissue paper roll – 2 no.
  • Any waste which look like roll – 3 no.
  • Cutter
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Water colours
  • Small ball
  • Brown tape – 2″ wide


Step 1. Take a card board box. Cut it horizontally it should look like a rectangular shape plate.

Step 2. Secure the corners of the box with 2 inch brown tape.

Step 3. Take a tissue roll(blue one) make a hole in the centre as shown in the below picture.

Step 4. Colour the rolls by using water colours and paste it with a glue on the rectangular shape box as shown below.

Step 5. Keep a small ball inside, your Ball Maze is ready.

Mother’s day Crochet Flower Pot holder By Priya Sahu


  • Bunch of wool (White & Red)
  • Hook of 5mm size
  • Scissor


  • Start with red color wool. Form a loop and make 7 crochet in the loop in the first round.
  • In the second round make 14 crochet in the loop. To form 14 chains you have to form 2 crochet in one single crochet.
  • In the third round make 21 crochet. To form 21 crochet you have to crochet 2 in one crochet and again 1 crochet in one crochet and repeat till it forms 21 crochet.
  • In the fourth round make 28 crochet. To form 28 crochet you have to follow pattern of 2 single crochet in 2 crochet and again 2 single crochet in one crochet. Repeat till it forms 28 crochet.
  • From above steps it is clear that you have to follow multiples of 7 or table of 7 in order to make the flower.
  • In the fifth round make 35 crochet. To form 35 crochet you have to follow pattern of 3 single crochet in 3 crochet and 2 single crochet in one crochet. Repeat till it forms 35 crochet.
  • In the sixth round make 42 crochet. To form 42 crochet you have to follow pattern of 4 single crochet in 4 crochet and 2 single crochet in one crochet. Repeat till it forms 42 crochet.
  • In the seventh round make 49 crochet. To form 49 crochet you have to follow pattern of 5 single crochet in 5 crochet and 2 single crochet in one crochet. Repeat till it forms 49 crochet.
  • In the eighth round make 56 crochet. To form 56 crochet you have to follow pattern of 6 single crochet in 6 crochet and 2 single crochet in one crochet. Repeat till it forms 56 crochet.
  • Change the colour of wool to white. To the 56th crochet attach white wool. Form chain of 9 crochet in a single crochet. Repeat it to form 23 chains of 9 crochet.
  • After making the chains make single crochet to all chains in each crochet. Repeat it till 4 rounds with white wool.
  • After 4th round with white wool again take red wool and make the last round that is fifth round of single crochet to each crochet.
  • The result of this procedure is Crochet Flower Pot Holder.

 Woolen Flowers By Jaish Shaji

My favourite craft work during my pregnancy  was those lovely woolen flowers..The happiness I got when my new born was covered by handmade blanket was awesome. Mother love for my lil bundle of Joy❤ #craft love #happy motherhood.

Mother’s Day Special Painting “Girl With Mother” By Temperla Uma Venkata Naga Jyothi

Mother’s Day Special Painting “Bird With Her Baby” By Temperla Uma Venkata Naga Jyothi

Photo Frame For Mother By Ranu Agrawal

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