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Mother’s Day Craft Contest Entries!

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Mother’s Day Special Explosion Box By Vanshika Aggarwal

Material used

  • A4 size sheets
  • Glue
  • Wool
  • Acrylic dust
  • Scissors
  • Sketch pens


  1. Firstly I have taken 3 A4 size sheet and make a square 21*21.
  2. Then , divided the box into 9 box’s each 7*7.
  3. Then , cut the 4 side boxes in shape I of a heart n fold the hearts inside on combining then together it will take the shape of a box.
  4. Now take the another sheet then cut them into strips of each box the paste the strips together it will take the shape of outer box.
  5. So our main body is ready n we will paste small cut outs to decorate n our explosion box will be ready.
  6. At last I have written my feelings in the cutouts.

Mom & Me Wire Frame By Naina Arora

Materials & Tools

  • A base of wood
  • Nails 1 inch
  • Hammer
  • Wool or yarn
  • Scissors
  • Photograph
  • Glue
  • Decorative stone


Cut the size of wood of your choice. You can stain or paint it. You can draw mom on paper or you can either search on internet * Place it on board and put nails into the paper (space them as evenly as possible) * Remove the paper * Start wrap wool around the nail (keep it tight) *Paste photograph *Decorate nail top with stones.

Best Mom Shield By Naina Arora

Materials:- *Cardboard *Pencil *Scale *Glue *Black & golden paper *Alphabet Stickers *decorative star Stickers.

Procedure:- *Take a cardboard n draw a shape of trophy you wish * Cut out the trophy neatly *cover it with black sheet *Cut a strip of golden sheet & paste it * Decorate it with Stickers.

Wall Hanging – Gift For Mother By Tabeel Aalam

Quilling Wall Hanging – Gift For Mother By Shubhangi Kautkar

Quilling Card For Mother By Shubhangi Kautkar

Quilling Card To Gift Mother By Shubhangi Kautkar

Quilling Gift Bucket For Mother By Shubhangi Kautkar

Handmade Hanging with Bottles – Gift For Mother By Swati Singhal

Material & Procedure

  1. Take 4 bottles one is big and three are small and cut them to there upper part which is look like Bell.
  2. Then i cover it with colored dori and gota then I use net which I got for some packing return gift from marriage another waste material.
  3. Then I put mirror lace on net and then put pom pom on it then I put dori to hang it. I use hot gun to paste the material on it.

Mother’s Day Special Card By Sreeja Sreenivasan


  • Photo
  • A4 size chart paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sketch pen
  • Glue


  1. Fold a4 size color paper to like a greeting card
  2. Front part stick photo
  3. Take a sketch of your baby hand
  4. Draw again with sketch pen
  5. Put gule gun to that sketch of your baby hand it give a effect
  6. Write your wording I wrote I love u mom.
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