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Mother’s Day Crafts Ideas To Make At Home

Gift From Children For Mother By Vaishu Sangale

Cardboard box, newspapers, fevicol, wire, fevicryl colors, cutter, ice cream sticks, plastic grass, small pebbles.

Recycled Gift For Mother By Sravani Siruvole

Mother’s Day Special Bread/Butter Art By Sajee Singh


  • It is very simple, take 2 pieces of bread, cut one in oval or round shape as per your choice for face and one for neck shoulder.
  • Take few pieces of cheese cut in shape for hair and eye and for decorating flower.
  • You pieces too for eye ball choco chips is used and eye brown thin slice of beetroot and for lips c if u have strawberry cut half and use or give shape of lips with tomato skin sending u one more jewellery made with fevicryl clay and colours.

Clay Art Work To Gift Mother By Sajee Singh

Method & Procedure:

  • Take Fevicryl clay or any clay making shapes and made shapes.
  • Then keep it for 2 minutes for setting and colour it.
  • Things required are hooks for making pendants, studs for earrings, paint and clay.
  • You can also use cutter for making shapes.

Mother’s Day Card By Komal Gemini

Mother’s Day Cake Decoration By Komal Gemini

Mother’s Day Card By Saira Saqib

Explosion box with four layers and a popup box in middle By Harini Kumar


  • Contains 40 pics and some quotes
  • There is pull up card, swing card, waterfall card, squash card, square round card made as sub elements.
  • And some pocket cards

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