There are a number of ways you can work together with K4craft to create inspiring, original, engaging content. Current branded partnerships include sponsored articles on, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, pins on Pinterest, tweets. Other brand partnerships include hosting events, brand summits, brand consulting and attendance at your event.

Who can partner with us

  • Websites
  • Youtube chennels
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Handlers

Why You should partner with us

  • K4craft Group has multiple websites running in domain of Art & Craft, Fashion, Parenting, Kids Learning etc. with 3 million page view on monthly basis.
  • We are running multiple pages like K4craft, K4craft Videos, K4fashion, Kids Art & Craft, Mehndi Designs, Radiant Rangoli with 2.8 million total followers on Facebook.
  • Active presence on Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest among other social platform

For more information on rates, to see if your brand is a good fit for partnership, or to brainstorm ideas for your specific campaign, email us at