15 Wooden Clothespin Crafts, Activities & Ideas


One of the coolest things about the craft is to create handmade objects with the use of everyday items, which are gradually being transformed into useful, charming and functional pieces. Among the most used items we have cans, bottles and pet pots, which everyone has at home and can be recycled and recycled in various ways in our homes.

And another object that deserves our attention is the wooden clothespin, which practically everyone has at home, and which today will become the star of our handmade tips. Take a look at these Cute Wooden Clothespin Crafts and Ideas.


A very practical idea is the assembly of plant pots, which can be done with the use of preachers and an empty can, which can then be used to decorate every corner of the house.


To bring you more inspiration, check out these pictures, which show how you can make art with the use of clothespins there in your house:









You can also assemble more elaborate objects, such as lamps, which will be charming with the use of clothes preachers.




Clothespins can also be used in an educational way, and this will stimulate children’s learning with varied and fun games.


And in this video tutorial you check out the tips of the Ka artisan, who will teach you how to decorate clothespins with the use of scrapbook paper or EVA, which will leave them with a charming and charming look:

Hope you like our collection.

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