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10 Awesome Polymer Clay Project Video Tutorials

Clay can be easily shaped with gentle touch of your hands. It enable your imagination to fly freely with its flexible and soft appearance. Here, we curated one of the best clay model ideas for your from Youtube to nurture your creativity. Hope you like them.

1. Yummy Bracelet!


Check out this tutorial

2. Make Sailor Moon Bow Necklace

Image Source: makoccinos / Via

Check out full tutorial

3. Make Game of Throne Khaleesi’s Necklace in Few Easy Steps

Image Source: NerdECrafter / Via

Check out this tutorial

4. Princess Bubblegum Model

Image Source: Roart / Via
Image Source: Roart / Via

Check out full tutorial

5. Two Minute Tutorial To Make Rose Studs

Image source: makoccinos / Via

Check out full tutorial

6. Make Batman From USB

batman-usb-shell-because-why-the-hellCheck out full tutorial

7. Super easy Statement Necklace

Image Source: This Charming Stuff / Via
Image Source: This Charming Stuff / Via

Check out full tutorial

8. Learn to Make Little Pony Charms

Image Source: LetsClay WithEwa / Via

Chek out full tutorial

9. Lord of The Rings and craft Arwen’s Evenstar Pendantgo-lord-of-the-rings-and-craft-arwens-evenstar-pendant

Check out full tutorial

10. Shark Earrings!

Image Source: JoyGodwinArts / Via

Check out full tutorial

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