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Craft Artist : Ria Cheripuram

Social profile: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

Hi there! I am Ria, the person behind the scenes of the YouTube channel – “Crafts By Ria“. I live in Melbourne with my husband and 2- year old little girl. I used to do craft activities as a hobby and my brother who is also a YouTuber inspired me to start my own YouTube channel to showcase my work to the world. I am also setting up a little Blog for my crafts. I am so happy and excited to share some of my craft works with K4Craft.

About My Youtube Channel “Crafts By Ria”

Crafts By Ria” is all about making simple crafts with everyday materials. Along with a wide range of craft videos for kids, you will also find videos for making recycled crafts, yarn crafts, home-décor crafts, seasonal crafts and craft accessories in this channel. All the videos are shown with clear step-by-step instructions which makes this channel very much beginner-friendly.

My Few Creations


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