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DIY Gift Box from File Card (Tutorial)

After purchasing or making your own gift for your loved ones and finally ending up to wrap a gift sheet which doesn’t suit your gift is a big dissatisfaction in gifting. So this tutorial helps you to make your own gift box which doesn’t need extra polythene to carry. So let’s see how it can be done…

You need to have….

  • File card

  • Gum

  • Colour Printed copy of the design that you want to wrap

  • Muslin cloth which acts as the handle

  • Stitching machine

  • Pencil, scale and rubber for measurement.

  • Paper cutter

So yeah! Let’s begin.

To create…..

  • Measure the height and width of the gift and create a box using file card.

  • The template of the box is shown below. The sides of the box must be stuck with the help of gum.


  • The dotted line shown in the above picture has to be stuck to the wall of opposite side.

  • Let the box dry for half an hour.


  • Now to create the handle for the gift measure the width and height of the box. Draw the measurement on the muslin cloth. Leave extra ½”on each side for seam allowance.

  • The template is shown below.


  • To start with stitching first attach 4 sides to the base of the box one by one.

  • To this now stitch handle on each side. The measurement of handle depends upon size of the box. Say if the box is 12×12 cm the handle must be of 30cm so that it is bent and stitched on one side.

  • Now the handle is also ready.

  • Create a support for the handle.

  • To form a support to the handle again take the measurement of the box and cut the measurement in the file card leaving a space in-between as shown below on the picture to bring out the handle. Now stick this to the already present box with muslin cloth.



  • Now stick the colour sheet to the outer wall of the box which acts as the gift wrap.


  • Your box is ready to carry your gift.


  • Side View!


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