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International Yoga Day Special Artwork

International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21 June every year. It was India’s initiative to bring yoga on the world level. International Yoga Day was approved seeing its far and wide reach and its health benefits. 21 June is the date allocated to celebrate yoga day. It is our duty to spread the positive word for yoga to every nook and corner. Making people aware of its benefits. Yoga is very useful in the cure of many diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cervical, bone deformations, postural deformities, eating disorders etc.

Yoga Pose Art

Let us make a yoga asana to commemorate the yoga day. Let us start with the easiest one.  The silhouette of man stretching his hands. Be sure with your lines, as you are drawing a living body you must keep in mind the liveliness of the silhouette. We can make a poster or point some uses of yoga. For better understanding look up:

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How To Draw Yoga Meditation

If you think that you do not draw well, or your art work won’t turn out the way you wish it to be do not fret. We have a solution for that as well. Use a thin white sheet to draw. Take an image of the art you wish to draw, then clip your thin sheet onto the image you have got. Once the sheet is stable and secure start tracing the image. Slowly go over whole of the image. Once you finish drawing you can colour it with the colours of your choice. You may even write slogan to raise awareness or just write “International Yoga Day” on top of it. For understanding how to draw a meditative pose using this technique look up:

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International Yoga Day Art – 21 June

Now let us draw a poster solely dedicated to the International yoga day. We are going to use a drawing sheet, pencil, eraser and sketch pens. You may take a light coloured drawing sheet if you do not like empty background. First of all draw a child, be it a girl or a boy. We have chosen to draw a child because they are the future. If we draw a girl child it serves the issue of skewed sex ratio as well. Now we shall draw a green and healthy tree. It is best to perform yoga in the open environment. Colour the tree and the child in appropriate and bright colours. Do not use dull or buff colours. Now write at the top or in the side in bold marking: “International Yoga Day”. Yoga is a very powerful tool to heal health issues. For better understanding of the poster you may look up:

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Yoga Girl Silhouette Painting

Now we shall make a girl silhouette water painting. We shall start by shading from dark to light from the top. Starting with a darker shade of sky blue at the topmost level we shall move downwards lightening the shade after few strokes each time. As it is a sunset scene start shading with mustard-orange colour from the middle of the sheet upwards. Now take some greyish purple and start shading from the other side of the shade. Paint some mauve stroke up in the mustard-orange shading. Make hills using coal grey. Line the hills with black paint with the help of a thin brush. Now start with the lower portion of the sheet. Mark the hills with details. Now start shading the lower portion with a light shade of teal. Once you are done with teal use a shade of orange to mark the sunlight over the water. Do not overdo the orange on the water. Now make some bumpy land at the bottom of the scenery. Now paint the lad in black, make beautiful plants and bushes on this land. Once done with the bushes and herbs, start with a person’s body. Make a person in a yogic posture and paint the body in black. Make birds flying in a flock on the horizon. You are done with the person doing yoga at sunset (sunrise). For better understanding of the shades and shading procedure look up:

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Yoga Asana Artwork

Now we shall move to a person doing yoga at beach in acrylic medium. Start with shading the edges of the canvas. Then go on with shading the whole canvas according to the scene of choice leaving space for water and land at the bottom. Paint the base coat of water and land. Shade the water. Give light reflection for the presence of Sun. Shade the land as well as in dark and light bands. Paint palm trees and palm leave near the edges. It brings the beach scene alive. Now draw a girl performing a yogic pose and also mark the reflection of her pose. For better understanding of the method look up:

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I hope you all have a good time spreading word for the yoga day. I wish good health and a long life intertwined with exercise and yoga.

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