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15 Krishna Janmashtami Celebration Ideas and Activities for Kids

15 Krishna Janmashtami Celebration Ideas and Activities for Kids – Krishna Crown, Dahi Handi, Decorate Flute, Krishna and Radha Dress, Coloring Pages, Jhula Crafts and more…

Krishna’s birthday, called Janmashtami, is one of Hinduism’s most popular holidays and is celebrated throughout the Hindu world. During the festival, the faithful engage in prayer, song, fasting, and feasting to honor Krishna’s birth. We’re going to ensure the kids are busier this year, with our list of Krishna Janmashtami Activities and Crafts!

1. Dress up like Krishna on Krishna Janmashtami

Image source: iskcon bangalore

2. Dress up like Radha on Krishna Janmashtami

Image source: iskcon bangalore

3. Cute Little One as Lord Krishna

4. Newspaper Jhula for Bal Gopal – Janmashtami Special (Video Tutorial)

5. Decorate a Dahi handi (Curd Pot)

6. Make Sweets & Savories with kids (Gopal Kala Prasad)

7. Decorate a Bansuri / Flute for Kids

8. Aarti ki Thali Decoration for Janmashtami

Image By: Pooni Pranav

9. Krishna Janmashtami: Matki phod kids Celebration

10. Create a Krishna village scene

Use Clay, Colored Sand, Clay dolls, animals etc to make your own unique scenes.

A diorama that depicts the 4 scenes from Krishna’s Life.

This Jhanki represents his strength and celestial powers – Anshu Priya with her Diorama

11. Krishna Dances On Kaliya Naag Scene

12. Create a Krishna Jhula By Daveshivangi

13. Paint Your Own Super Cute Peg Dolls By MyLittleGopi

14. Free printable Baby Krishna coloring pages for kids

15. Create Peacock Feather Party favors [Pens for sale at Etsy]

Hope you like these Janmashtami celebration ideas.

Which one you like most? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And be sure to follow on Pinterest for more ideas!

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