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Creative DIY Scrapbooking Postcard March 8

DIY Scrapbooking postcard March 8, made in amazing scrapbooking techniques can be an extraordinary gift. Scrapbooking – still quite new and have not even identified until the end of the form of decorative art, which combines small souvenirs and trinkets, memorabilia little things, notes and more. This is a very gentle and extremely beautiful card for the holiday!

Required Material:

  • Piece of scrap paper
  • White cardboard – for the basics
  • Awl
  • Tracing paper
  • Ink (transparent), powder white, hair dryer – hot embossing
  • Scissor
  • Ribbon – green
  • Double-sided tape
  • Waxed cord (green)
  • The squares (with adhesive base)
  • Artificial flowers – small
  • An artificial leaf
  • A pencil
  • Half beads
  • Glue
  • a few bradsov – different sizes and colors




Step-1: To start a stencil print on plain paper. Size can make any, the height of this cards was 14.5 cm stencil consists of two figures. Base and 5 mm at the work piece. Cut out the stencil scissors. You will turn out here are blank stencil.


Step-2: Do not dispose of circles, midway, they are still useful. Of white cardboard cut is now the basis for future cards from scrap paper – a figure smaller. Pencil circle stencil on the back side of the paper scrap. The edges of the prepared blanks can be made smooth by using conventional nail files, to file all the irregularities. Spend on the basis of the bending line (in the picture it is marked).



  • Bend the base and set aside for now.
  • Proceed to the decoration of the work piece. Make powder white hot embossing. That he was more prominent, you can add a yellow ink.
  • Take tracing and community-center and cut out the circles on tracing paper (slightly larger diameter).
  • Clay Spread slices of tracing paper and glue them to the front base of the work piece.


Step-4: Combine in a small bouquet of flowers and leaf, and stick to the work piece. Excess can be removed by cutting pliers.


Step-5: Tie a ribbon. You can add God’s cow, butterfly and more.


Step-6: In the middle of the card and decoration elements make holes with an awl and insert bradsy. On the reverse side fix all the ends of waxed cord (between the legs bradsa). The basis of glue to the work piece. As the reverse side of the card turns the volume, you need to stick with the help of adhesive squares. Behind cards can be stuck with the remaining terms of drawings (tracing his little mute).


Step-7: Decorate the card halves beads.


Scrapbooking postcard March 8  ready! A very original gift for the holiday. Good luck!

Hope you like this tutorial.

Thank you for visiting our website. Keep Creating with K4Craft!

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