15 Creative Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas

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Plastic spoons can open door of creativity with little imagination. You can make almost anything for home decor with these simple plastic spoons like lamp, flower stand. You can also engage kids in creative stuff with simple plastic spoon craft ideas.

Plastic spoon crafts are one of the popular choice as gifts. You can create chalkboard wreath for Thanksgiving or you can make Diwali Diya Holder From Plastic Spoon.

You need to collect few waste plastic spoons and few crafting supplies like paint, glue, and glitter to make crafts of your choice. To help you in this creative journey, we collected some best plastic spoon craft ideas, hope you’ll like them.

#1 Plastic Spoon: Chalkboard Wreath for Thanksgiving

Image Source: partycity.com
Image Source: partycity.com

#2 Plastic Spoon: DIY Pineapple Lamp

Image Source: wonderfuldiy.com
Image Source: sadtohappyproject.com

#3 Plastic Spoon: DIY Artichoke Vase

Image Source: craftionary.net
Image Source: craftionary.net

#4 Plastic Spoon: DIY Chrysanthemum Mirror

Image Source: littlethingsbringsmiles.com
Image Source: littlethingsbringsmiles.com

#5 Plastic Spoon: Anthropology vase knock off with flower

Image Source: theturquoisepiano.blogspot.ca
Image Source: theturquoisepiano.blogspot.ca
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