15 DIY – Christmas Decoration Craft Ideas Step By Step Tutorial

Step by Step Craft Ideas!

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Christmas means Feast day of Christ, is celebrated all over the world as birthday of Jesus. Celebration cannot be without decoration. Even simple ideas can make your decoration unique and beautiful. Have a look at these tutorials and choose as per your taste and interest.

1. How To Make Paper sheet Christmas Tree

Image Source: luntiks.com Image Source: luntiks.com

2. How To Make Felt Snowman Christmas Special

Image Source: howtoinstructions.org
Image Source: howtoinstructions.org

3. Make Excellent Paper ball Christmas Decoration

Image Source: pinterest.com
Image Source: pinterest.com

4. DIY Napkin Homemade Christmas tree

Image Source: freshdesignpedia.com
Image Source: freshdesignpedia.com

5. Clay Christmas Tree Decoration

Image Source: pinimg.com Image Source: pinimg.com

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