Cardboard Craft Ideas For Kids

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Cardboard is the most easily available craft item and it can be used to make some really amazing things. Cardboard posses the ability to keep things stiff and can also be carved out to make fancy shapes. Following are some cardboard crafts, that you can make by involving your kids and spend some really great time together.

1- Cardboard House

We all have made those sand castles at the beach as also the playing card  houses at home in our childhood day, so today we are going to make a house from cardboard and relive our golden days.


  • Cardboard
  • Ice cream sticks flat and round
  • Glue and scissor
  • Pencil, scale, eraser


  • Cut  two cardboards of measurements 12*8 centimetres
  • And cut door and windows from one of the cardboard of approx 4*2 centimetres (door) and 2*2 centimetres window
  • Now cut the front area of the house in measurements (6.5*8*10) centimetres as shown in the video. You need to cut two cardboards of this measurements
  • Now draw a window of approx 2*2 cms in the front part of the house
  • Start assembling all the cardboards as shown in the video
  • Now take a cardboard cut-out of 14*7 and slice it into two parts to make the roof
  • Scrape of a strip of cardboard as shown in the video to form the lower fencing of the house
  • Now glue the entire house to a bigger cardboard base so that it can be stable
  • Cut the ice cream sticks into two halves, to form the fence around the house, and also make a ladder to the house with the round shaped ice cream sticks.
  • Your dream house is ready. You can also decorate it by panting the house with poster colours or you can use card papers to stick on the card board to make it look colourful.

2- Coin Bank from Cardboard

The idea of having a piggy bank and that to a quirky piggy bank has always been the most attractive thing among kids. So here we will learn an easy coin bank.


  • You will need four cardboards of measurement (10*7.3 cms)
  • One cardboard with internal measurements of (7.5*4.5)
  • Another cardboard of (7*4)
  • Six cardboards of (10*10)
  • Cutter and glue gun


  • Take six cardboards of (10*10) and stick them together to make a box and leave it to dry.
  • Now take two cardboards of (7.5*4.5 and 7*4) and cut out the internal area and stick them together and also cut a smaller area were the coin will be placed. Ensure that you do not cut all the sides, let one end be hanging, such that the coin can slide down.
  • Insert this drawer into the main box and stick it on the inside as shown in video.
  • Ensure that you stick the base cardboard and not the drawer, as we will have to pull out the drawer from the main box.
  • Now place a cardboard in the front, without covering the drawer.
  • Add smaller piece to the drawer, and finally cover the entire box with paint or card paper of your choice and your money bank is ready.

3- Emoji Pencil holder from card board


  • Card board and construction paper
  • Hot glue gun and scissors
  • Decorative materials


  • Cut out four circles from the cardboard and also two squares of dimensions (3”*3”) and one (3” *3.5”) and two smaller circles for eyes.
  • Assemble all the materials in a place, and stick two circles together as shown in the video.
  • Cut out the same circle from yellow construction paper and stick it on the cardboard.
  • Decorate the emoticon of your choice with glitter paper or sketch pens
  • Stick the smaller squares at the backside of the circle as shown in the video, and stick another circular board over it, such that a space is created to keep the pens.
  • Add other decorative details to the pencil holder as required
  • This holder can be also used as makeup brush holder and also paint brush holder.

4- Newton’s cradle from cardboard


  • Cardboard
  • Strings
  • Stick and some marbles
  • Scissor and hot glue gun


  • Take cardboard and cut borders of 2*2 centimetres and remove the center part.
  • Make holes in the cardboard such that the stick can be attached to it.
  • Now take another smaller cut out and cut very small rectangle shape from it, such that the bigger cardboard can be fixed on it.
  • Once the base is ready, put the stick into the holes as shown in the video.
  • Now take a string and attach a marble at the end of the string with the help of glue gun
  • Secure all the ends of the cardboards with glue, so that they can lift the weight of the marbles.
  • Attach at least 6/7 marbles to the sticks such that they form a U – shape, and stand close to each other. Stick the strings on the stick so that they don’t fallout.
  • Your Newton’s cradle is ready!

5- Hexagon cardboard wall shelf


  • Cardboard and rounder
  • Pencil and scale
  • Glue and cutter
  • Decorating materials


  • Take a 10 cm measurement on the rounder and draw a circle.
    Now mark few points on the circle and join them with straight lines such that they form a hexagon.
  • Now cut the hexagon, and similarly cut out broad strips from the cardboard as shown in the video.
  • Once all the strips are ready stick them on the hexagon and trim the extra edges.
  • Now paint the hexagon with the colour of your choice, or you can directly stick card paper to it.
  • Now decorate the hexagon with colouring cello tape and stick printed paper on the insides of the hexagon as shown in the video.
  • You can make multiple such hexagons as required and align them on your wall.

6- DIY Cardboard Photo Frame


  • Cardboard
  • A photograph or a doodle which you want to frame
  • Fevicol, scissors, decorating materials
  • Wooden sticks


  • Take a photograph that you want to frame and place it on the cardboard and mark 2cms on all the four sides and draw lines
  • And now take the wooden sticks and stick them on the boundary as shown in the video
  • Take 3cms cardboard strips and stick them on the wooden sticks, such that there is a gap for the photograph to be inserted.
  • Now take paper of your choice to cover the frame or you can also use painting colours.
  • Here you can use different cello tapes to decorate the border of the frame also and can add crystals or stones as required.
  • Finally your easy 5 min DIY frame is ready, you can gift it to your dear ones with various customisations

7- Puzzle Game from cardboard


  • Cardboard
  • Photograph for the puzzle
  • Glue and scissors


  • Take two cardboard cut out of 12.5*9.5 cm and one cardboard of 9*9.6cm and the photograph of the same size
  • Now for the front frame you will have to cut out the following measurements (8.5*6*8.5*2.5 and 11 cm)
  • Now mark squares on the photograph and cut it into small squares.
  • Stick the photograph on the smaller squares.
  • Now stick the first frame and the bigger cardboard together and place the photograph inside it and jumble them and also stick a small image that the player is expected to make from the puzzle on the top of it.
  • This puzzle game is now ready to play with. You can keep on changing the puzzle picture with different cartoon characters.

8- Cardboard lamp

This is probably the easiest lamp ever and it can be done in just 5 minutes and it really looks cool in the bedroom.


  • Cardboard and glue and a bulb


  • Take a cardboard and measure 30*10 cm from it and draw small 1 cm line to make a loop to place another cardboard into it.
  • Repeat this process with at least 20-25 cardboard strips.
  • Now draw a circle and mark the loops of similar measurement, such that the cardboard strips will get attached in the circle.
  • Draw another similar circle, so that the strips can be attached properly at both the top and the bottom.
  • Start sticking the strips once they have been hooked in the circles, so they don’t fall out.
  • Make two small holes in one circle to pass the electric wire and attach the bulb in the centre.
  • The easy and cheap DIY lamp is ready. Hang it on the wall of your room.

So these were some really easy and amazing cardboard ideas that you can make in very little time and they turn out to add up to your home decor also. I hope you like them. Happy crafting.:)

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