How to make a Cardboard Photo Frame (Tutorial)

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Frames for pictures, you can make your own cardboard photo frame. And its very easy to make. Below is the simplest version of such frames. You can further decorate it to your taste, add to it the flowers of paper, fabric flowers, fragments of sculpture, beads with rhinestones.


Required Material:

  • Thick cardboard
  • Ruler
  • Stationery knife
  • Glue
  • Fabric for decoration


Step-1: Cut a cardboard rectangle 2, desired us to size. Put rectangles on the fabric, leaving a distance of 0.5 cm. Cut off the excess tissue.


Step-2: Glue fabric (allowance 1.5 cm) to the cardboard white PVA glue. Cut the tissue from corners.


Step-3: Glue on top of the base fabric, carved out her size workpiece.


Step-4: Cut out a strip of a length of 11 cm, and glue it to a frame.


Step-5: Cut the cardboard picture frame, and paste it furnishing fabrics.


Step-6: Cut out of cardboard and glue just such a frame.


Step-7: Glue on top of the frame with cloth finish.


You can also add beautiful roses to the corner of the frame as shown in picture.


Simple & unique Cardboard photo frame. Hope you like this tutorial.


Frames are made up a little in a different design. Everything depends on what blanks cut from cardboard. Such a frame with pictures perfectly fit into any interior. Insert it can be baby pictures or memories of a recent trip.

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