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15+ DIY Wall Hanging Ideas to Decorate Your Home

11. Rainbow at You Wall

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This is another beautiful and easy wall hanging idea which you can use if you are very lazy in doing craft work or you  don’t want to go into much intricacy.

12. Simple Paper Flower Wall Hanging

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This a very beautiful wall hanging. We love how perfect it looks and the design surely will get you a lot of compliments. Cut flowers and cling them facing downwards. You can also use colourful chart to cut the flowers.

13. Fly Your Imagination With Paint Blocks

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OK, so this is very unique and innovative imagination, this exclusive craft work will look lovely if done neatly and steal attention of the all the spectators.

14. Ballon Decoration

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This is a beautiful and easy ceiling decor. Multicolor ribbons are emerging out from the cluster of balloons placed in the centre, stick the other ends of the ribbon to the ceiling corners to create this marvelous look.

15. Trust Wall

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The DIY shown here is quite simple and anyone can do it. Try this decor for your room, to feel motivated or express your feelings or mood.

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