DIY: Beautiful Color-Blocked Rope Lampshade Tutorial

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Colorful Rope Lampshade
What you need- a round vase with an inflated balloon in the top, but if you happen to have a glass display cloche sitting around, it would do the job just fine. You can make this lamp with thin rope, jute rope, thick rope or nylon, and you can coil the rope around almost anything — like a funnel, a flower pot, or a bowl — to get various shapes.
Tools required for making Colorful Rope Lampshade
1. 20-25 feet of ½” twisted cotton rope
2. Cylinder-shaped vase or can (approximately 4” x 6” )
3. Balloon
4. Painter’s tape
5. White felt
6. Scissors
7. Hot glue gun
8. Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint
9. Plug-in pendant light cord with LED or CFL bulb





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