DIY : Learn To Make Fridge Magnet Using Pista Shells

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Fond of eating dry fruits every day? Everyone is becoming health conscious day by day and there is no doubt that they carry dry fruits with them to eat. Using those dry fruits shell we can make a new daily use product. The shells are easy available and the tutorial is easy to make too. You can use this in your office table or fridge or in study table. Collect your dry fruit shells and here we make an interesting fridge or table magnet out of it.  Here I had taken pista shells to make this adorable fridge magnet.

Things you need

  1. Cardboard
  2. Pista Shells
  3. Gun gum
  4. Magnets

Let’s start…

  • Take a cardboard in a circular form for base to stick shells.fridge-magnet-pista
  • Apply the gun gum at the centre.
  • Start arranging the pista shells in circular manner as shown in the picture.

fridge-magnet1 fridge-magnet2fridge-magnet3

  • This arrangement gives a layering effect of the flower.As you keep arranging apply the gum at the base and then arrange.
  • At the final layering, place the pista shells vertically to give a flower effect.fridge-magnet4
  • Finally, attach the magnet to the base of the flower. Fridge magnet is ready to use now.

Some other designs using pista shells, that you can try.











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