DIY : Triangular Christmas Gift Box Tutorial

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It’s the holiday season and the time for many gifts to be received and given out. So, here are some awesome gift box ideas you can make yourself for this season to give out to friends and family. You can even put some sweets in them and hand them out to your neighbours. It is a great idea and quite easy and time saving. Let’s start with the tutorial.

Things you’ll need:

• Cardstock/ A4 size paper (coloured preferred)
• Scissors
• Pencil and eraser
• Paper Punch
• Ribbons
• The gift



  1. Print out the given
  2. Take the A4 size paper and trace out the outline onto
  3. Cut out the shape very carefully making sure not to cut out everything but just the external
  4. Take the tip of the scissors and carefully trace along the inside lines without cutting through the paper.( this is to make it easier to fold)gift-box-christmas5
  5. At the major tip of each triangle punch a single hole.gif7
  6. Then fold all the pieces as shown in the picture.
  7. Place the gift in the centre.
  8. Take a thin ribbon and insert it into the punched holes.
  9. Finally tie the pieces together with the ribbon.gif8
  10. And that’s your final result.gif9 gif10These cute little boxes are very easy to close and open can be very easily reused for another time. You can try making many more of these with different patterned craft paper. These are great not only for the holiday season but also for a Birthday gift, or Teacher’s day or Mother’s day and more.
    Enjoy! Happy Holidays *-*

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Leona Nigela D'Costa

Written by Leona Nigela D'Costa

21 year old female graduate student, who enjoys listening to music, watching movie, spending way too much time with pets and also enjoys artwork whether it is a craft or any sort of art, I find it relieving.
I also have my own page of selling dream-catcher which are all handmade by me.
I do write poetry in my spare time which I would like to share given the opportunity. Besides this all I am a fun, creative person whose eager to work here.

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