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Learn To Make Flowers Using Waste materials

REDUCE – REUSE – RECYCLE are the word we use when it comes to the waste materials but do you know that this things can add a glam to your home! Who doesn’t like to have a pretty and beautiful environment to live around? The best part about the home décor is the flower vases and the wall hangings and to these flowers are the main spot of attraction. Well having that said buying flowers weekly can cost your pocket tons ( Not to lessen the importance of the natural fragrance and delicate corner ) the solutions are always up! If not buy it we can make and try it!

Waste materials can be turned into beautiful flowers and these are cheap and when pouring a cup of creativity with a hint of colors and art any one can give their home a renovated look. Materials such as surf packets, plastics which are really harmful when disposed can be recycled in a method which is unimagined and beautiful at the same time. Not to brag, but yes we have 8 adorable ways that you can try out and add to the empty corners, insert in the DIY vases etc. out of these materials find your own material which you are feeling comfortable with and pour your own creativity and modify it. Before donating or dumping anything to the dust bin look it from the side of creative eye and make an inexpensive décor for a beautifully unique home!

Let’s get into these 8 ways to make use of waste materials for making Flowers

Surf packet Creative flower / Flower making décor DIY

Have you ever wondered not to dump the empty waste material of your surf packet and instead use it for home décor? If not then this is the right time to collect the plastic babies and gather some craft materials around. In this method you will come across quilling. It is an art of twisting and turning the strip of colored hard papers and making some fun things out of it. The leaves and stems of the flowers can be created with the help of this method of quilling. The main materials used in quilling are mostly a comb or a twig with a slit in it.
The harmful plastic present in the surf packet can be erased in a beautiful way. Use this home décor to decorate your house and the results will surely surprise you. Pack your seat belts because we are about to get started.


  • Surf empty packet
  • Scissors
  • Comb
  • A Glue gun or fevicol
  • Straws or broom sticks
  • Comb
  • Sheet paper of different color


  1. Take a clean surf packet and wash it thoroughly. Cut the seal side from top and bottom to make sure we have clean sheet
  2. Now grab a scissor and cut the plastic sheet into strips ( note that all the strips should be in same size )
  3. For neater and cleaner look rub a cloth on the surf sheet
  4. Take a stick and wrap the sheet on one corner
  5. When it’s done take a black thread or a rubber band to tighten the sheet into its place
  6. Make sure you make more than one flower
  7. Take the color sheet and cut It vertically using the scissors
  8. Place the sheet into the teeth’s of comb alternately ,Glue the spots that are on the top When the sheet is glued place another sheet on top of it
  9. Remove when you feel that they are sticked together ,You`ll need more than one of this
  10. Take the stick and stick the thing you made using the comb
  11. Use your imagination and stick as many you want And it’s done


Disposable glass can be used for no only jus drinking out of it can be used to make random stuff too for your self


  • Disposable glass
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Color
  • Green color cloth


  1. Take the paper glass on a flat table and mark your cutting on the paper
  2. Cut the glass vertically on one side and crop out the bottom part of the cup
    so that the glass makes a curved sheet of paper
  3. Fold the sheet inside so that when the folded part Is cut it makes a perfect square
  4. Make as many squares you can with available glasses
  5. Fold the squares into half until it cannot be more folded cut the folded paper into a small triangle and open it up
  6. Voila your waste paper cup is converted into a small flower
  7. Cut just a side of flower through inside and stick it to overlapping flower petal
  8. Make leaves used same flat paper and cutting it into the shape
  9. Stick a ear bud through the center and color the flower in the color of your choice
  10. Take a stick and stick the flower. for decoration use green paper or cloth covering the stick
  11. Stick flower, leaves and use your imagination for further decoration, the bottom of paper glass is used as base of the flower color the base too.

Waste cloth beautifying into flowers


  • Cloth
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Skill and patience


  1. Wash the cloth and dry it
  2. Cut the cloth into straight prices and remove all the creases in the cloth
  3. Take the first cloth and just place a drop of glue on the edge of the cloth
  4. This might take more than one take for beginners so be patient
  5. Just fold the cloth inside and roll up the cloth inside you can see that it takes the shape of rose
  6. Make more and one use and them on your clothes and anywhere you want.

Waste water bottle transformation into lotus flowers


  • Empty water bottles
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Paints
  • Floral tape
  • Wire


  1. Take the waste bottle and cut it from the center
  2. Cut the walls of the bottle making the mouth as the center of flower
  3. Cut the rest of the bottle as petals of flower
  4. Using glue gun and stick the petals to the neck of the bottle
  5. Use the rest of the bottle as base of flower
  6. After the petals are done paint them with red color
  7. Take a thick paper and roll it tightly
  8. Stick the cap of the bottle and just tighten the flower on top
  9. You can color the stem too

Converted straws into flowers

Who use the straws over and over again? Thinking to dump them? Well we got a better idea for you try this amazing DIY flower out of waste straws splash your own creativity into it and decorate your home.


  • Straws (obviously)
  • A long needle
  • A thread
  • Glue gun


  1. Take the straws and cut them in to desired size
  2. Poke the needle through the center of the straws
  3. Squeeze the straws and tie them with the thread. Make sure they are tight enough to be together in the shape of a flower
  4. Now that it is ready place a jewel or a paper ( colored ) in the middle to give it a complete fancy look!

Recycled craft from waste plastic cans | DIY plastic bottle hack

Without further description let’s get along to the video or the method in how to make this beautiful daisies.


  • Plastic can ( milk can )
  • Scissors
  • Yellow colored paper
  • Green ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks


  1. Cut the plastic milk Carton but before than make sure it is clean
  2. Cut a circular shape and from the center make the slits and give them the shape of flower petals
  3. Now with the paper do the quilling flower small enough to adjust in the middle of our plastic petals
  4. Take a tooth pick and stick the petals and the flower together cover the strip with green ribbon and stick with hot glue gun
  5. Adjust them on the vase or stick them on the wall. They are very wonderful to look at.

Plastic bottle vase with flowers | Best out waste create


  • Plastic bottle – green, white
  • Acrylic colors
  • Paint brush
  • Candle


  1. Cut the while water bottle to make the stem and cut the flower shapes
  2. Color them with paints of your choice and attach the stem on the lower part of the flower
  3. Take another plastic bottle and cut the lower part for the vase
  4. Stick them on the plastic bottle bottom and it’s done!

Waste CD’s Wall hanging


  • Two compact disc
  • Tape
  • Rubber band
  • Glue gun
  • Plastic flower


  1. Place the 2 disc’s together and stick them with a sticky tape
  2. Now place a plastic flower on the cd’s and stick them with a hot glue gun or any other strong glue
  3. Now that it is ready make a wall hanger by crossing the strings and attaching at the top of one cd. Voila you are done!

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