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Make Your Own Water Art

Water is a basic necessity in life. Without water we cannot live. We wonder if we can use water as a source of art! If yes, the how? I am going to tell you how we can use water as a source and means of art altogether in a beautiful and calming way. So, let’s get started.

How To Paint on Water For Paper Marbling

We can use water painting techniques to make marbled paper and ebru art. First of all take water in a shallow wide container preferably rectangular container. Now place a layer of the base colour over the water. We are working with a blue base. Now drop some darker shade layer and then a lighter shade layer. When we have a good paint layer in the water tub, we shall start shaping it with the help of shaping tool. Clean the tool after completion of the first shaping step. Use a brush to place the colours which are required less in the painting. Place the paint drops where you wish those colours to be present. As we are going to make a flower scene we have taken green as the colour required to be placed near the stem. For better understanding of the colours on the water look up:

DIY Water Marble Art

Now we are going to make marbled sheets using different kinds of paints on water. We are gonna use nail paints, cream, spray paints and much more. Marbled sheets are very useful to realise beautiful art. You can use the marbled sheets to make cards, or just write slogans, and many more ways to use them. You should keep safe from the spray paint fumes, you may use a face mask for that and hand gloves to keep your skin safe. You can wear latex gloves. Take a big container put in about an inch deep water in it and then spray the paints in the container. Spray the paints until you desire. Mix the colours a bit. Now bam the sheet in the container. When you pick the sheet up you have a beautiful design on the sheet. Now let us try the nail polishes. Try every type of nail polish as some may spread whereas others might not. Make different designs and place the sheet and get the design on paper. You can use soft pastel chalk powder, but you need to use a sealant in the end or the chalk keeps on flaking off. For more ideas like the oil paints and turpentine and better understanding look up:

How To Marble Paper With Milk

Let us change the medium of marbeling for fun. Let use almond milk instead of water. Keep some liquid soap handy. Use food colouring and put some drops of it in the milk. Dip a cotton swab in the liquid soap and touch the soap dipped swab to the colour drop. Drop in more colour in the gaps. Now spread the colour more with the help of soap dipped swab. You may even spread the paint in linear form. Once you are satisfied with the design place the sheet on top of the design. Now pull the sheet away and let the excess drip off. Now keep the sheet to dry. For better understanding look up:

Ornate Holiday Teal & Gold Water Marble

Let us get ourselves marbled nail art. First of all take a paper glass and fill it with about 500 ounces of water. Now take three shades of nail polish. We are using dark blue, teal and gold. Start with a drop of teal then dark blue then again the teal and then dark blue. Now we start with the design put a drop of gold. Then the teal and dark blue and again gold. This ways complete the pattern in a beautiful way. We get concentric circles of teal, dark blue and gold. Once you are satisfied with start with a sharp tool first pulling the circles in front then in back. Then start pulling the circles to one side in adjacent lines. Once done with one side design, start perpendicular to it and start making the petals. Now cover your nail skin with enigma. Keeping the nails towards the water, dip them in water, remove the excess nail paint. Once the excess nail paint is removed. Remove your fingers from the water. Clean the edges of nails. Remove the enigma. Your marbled nails are ready to rock your days and nights. For better understanding look up:

I hope you enjoyed the water based art ideas. Enjoy realising them and water has a calming effect on you. I wish that none of us shall waste water and use it wisely as it is an important resource on this planet. It is very much important for the life to exist. We cannot live without water. So may activities are supported by water and cannot be realised otherwise.

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