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How to make Pooja Chowki using thermocol (Tutorial)

Pooja Chowki: This Hand Crafted Pooja Chowki is designed using thermocol and cardboard. Moreover, these are colored with fabric colors & you can also coated it with transparent lotion. This is used to celebrate the auspicious festival. You make make it in any size according to your requirement. So, let’s start!

Required Material:

  • Thermocol
  • Putty
  • Hot glue


Step-1: Firstly took two sticks from the land and put in a criss cross strut in the center, as shown in the image. Cover all the holes to seal cardboard and hot glue gun.


Step-2: Cover the bottom part with thin cardboard sheet.


Step-3: Take some half pieces of house ceiling moldings! The process of cutting, fitting and gluing take some time, but it can be done easily with little patience.


Step-4: Now cover all the parts of ‘chowki’ with white glue. Wait some time till dried up completely. After that gruntem putty densely, at the same time gloss over all the flaws.


Step-5: Poshkurim entire surface.


Step-6: Applied the first coat of acrylic paint.


Step-7: Getting the main coloring (mixture of white acrylic paint, black, caramel, brown gouache and acrylic varnish slightly).


Step-8: About to get it right. To complete the effect dry brush bronze acrylic paint on top of the past.


Decorate your home temple!



Hope you like this tutorial.

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