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Tutorial : Learn To Make Cute Penguin Bookmarks

Books are the best friends of humans and books are always a wonderful gift to give, so I thought I would create some bookmarks that could be given with the books.

For kids and book lovers love to use this bookmarks.Penguin Bookmarks

Things you will need

  • Origami paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Ruler and pencil.
  • Glue stick.
  • Markers.Penguin Bookmarks


Step 1 – Take a 12 inch × 12 inch square paper.Penguin Bookmarks

Step 2 – fold the paper in half diagonally to make a triangle and run your finger through the crease.Penguin Bookmarks

Step 3 – Then you take the left corner and bring it up the top middle of the triangle. do the same thing with right corner.Penguin Bookmarks

Step 4 – this is what it should look like.Penguin Bookmarks

Step 5 – open it again so you have a square in the middle.Penguin Bookmarks

Step 6 – Fold the top flap of the center to the bottom.Penguin Bookmarks

Step 7 – Now take the right corner then tuck it into the middle, “pocket”.Penguin Bookmarks

Step 8 – Do the same with left corner . After tuck both the corners it look like this.Penguin Bookmarks

Step 9 – Now, time to decorate.

Design your bookmark to make it look great.

Step 10 – Decorate it with eyes, nose, legs and body.Penguin Bookmarks

Step 11 – After sticking the eyes, nose and body finally the penguin is ready.Penguin Bookmarks


Here is a video tutorial for Penguin Paper Bookmark.

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